Motor City Soap Raising Funds for First Hire

29 Jan

Caitlyn at Motor City Soap is raising funds through Kiva Zip to help fund her first hire. This is Motor City Soap’s second Kiva Zip campaign. In 2013 the company received a $2,000 loan to purchase carrier and essential oils in bulk to increase soap production. After paying back this loan in full last month, Caitlyn was offered the opportunity to pursue a second loan and continue growing:

Business has more than doubled since my last loan. I sold at Eastern Market’s Sunday Street Market throughout the summer, which increased my exposure to new customers and connected me to other like-minded businesses. I also wrapped up an incredibly successful holiday season last month and look forward to using this momentum as a springboard into 2015.

This second loan for $5,000 will help finance Motor City Soap’s first employee, who will work in production and sales starting this spring. An employee will help double Motor City Soap’s production and increase retail presence at local markets in and around the City of Detroit. Click here to read the full story and lend as little as $5.

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